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    Ne Yo - When you're mad


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    Ne Yo - When you're mad Empty Ne Yo - When you're mad

    Message par Omar le Dim 17 Sep - 18:18

    Ne Yo - When you're mad

    It's just the cust thing
    when you get to fussing(cussing)
    yelling and throwing things
    i just wanna eat you up
    i don't mean no disrespect
    when i start staring
    knowing that it makes you madder
    i'm sorry but seeing you mad is so sexy


    could it be the little wrinkle over your nose
    when you make your angry face
    that makes me wanna just take off all your clothes
    and sex you all over the place
    could it be the lil' way you storm around
    that makes me wanna tear you down
    baby,i'm not sure,but one thing that i do know is

    every time you scream at me
    i wanna kiss you
    when you put your hands on me
    i wanna touch you
    when we get to arguing
    just gotta kiss you
    baby,i don't knowwhy it's like that
    but you're just so damn sexy
    when you're mad

    baby,don't think i don't take you seriously
    but i just can't help the fact your attitude excites me
    (so exiciting)
    and you know ain't nothing better
    then when we get
    mad together and have angry sex(i'll blow you out)
    then we forget what we were mad about

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    Ne Yo - When you're mad Ne-Yo_-_When_You%27re_Mad

    Ne Yo - When you're mad 0602498826126

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    Message par kino.q le Jeu 28 Déc - 12:45


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    Ne Yo - When you're mad Empty Re: Ne Yo - When you're mad

    Message par lacus le Ven 2 Fév - 15:57

    merci pour cette chanson

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    Ne Yo - When you're mad Empty Re: Ne Yo - When you're mad

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